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New Engine Management Brochure Out Now



You don’t have to go to dealers to get engine management parts. The new engine management brochure featuring our range of engine management parts is out now.

CES (UK) Launches Bigger and Better Workshop Essentials Catalogue

 We’ve just launched the latest edition of our ever popular Workshop Essentials catalogue. The brand new catalogue now contains over 2,000 workshop tools, consumables, and accessories. The majority of products are available with next day delivery throughout the UK.

Inside the new catalogue there’s a huge range of workshop tools. This includes new servicing tools from recognised brands such as Sykes, Sealey, Omega, Ring and SIP. There’s also an extensive range of jacks and lifts, workstations, lamps and lighting equipment.

For more specialist use, Issue 10 of the catalogue sees the Prevost range of quick release couplings and quality air line fittings featuring for the first time. The range of Air Tools has also been expanded with new additions from SIP, who have also contributed to an expanded range of welders, inverters and plasma cutters. The battery equipment section has been enhanced, with new battery testers, inverters and smart chargers from Ring Automotive. ces-workshop-essentials

CES Opens New Halesowen Branch

CES (UK) officially opened its new Halesowen branch on April 2nd. The new branch serves customers across the west of Birmingham and extends the distributors network from nearby Telford and Cannock.

CES Expansion Continues With New West Midlands Branch

CES (UK) will soon be opening a new branch at Halesowen in the West Midlands. The new branch, our first within the West Midlands, will add to the coverage of our existing Telford and Cannock branches.


“We’re delighted to be opening our newest branch in Birmingham. This is good news for both local garages and employment in the area. Running a successful branch requires a wide variety of skills. We’ll be looking to fill many different roles including management, sales, warehouse, driver and administrative positions. It’s important that our staff know the local area, so we’re hoping we can find the right people locally” stated HR Manager, Joanne Warren.

Managing Director Steve McCann believes that garages can only benefit from CES being in the area. “The customer is at the centre of everything we do. As usual we’ll be placing an emphasis on providing fast service and available stock. This will be backed with the in-depth technical expertise and support that our branch staff provides. We’re sure local garages will benefit from our approach.”

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