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Bosch ACS600 and ACS650 Air-Con Machines - NEW
The new ACS600 and ACS650 A/C service units developed by Bosch operate fully automatically and therefore require no manual shutoff valves. This prevents the risk of improper operation, ensuring that the A/C service is safer and more efficient overall. The new Bosch ACS600 and ACS650 units therefore enable workshops to penetrate the lucrative A/C servicing market easily, because the fully-automated operation ensures that A/C units are serviced extremely efficiently. The new Bosch ACS 600/650 A/C units will be available from CES in March 2009.

Once the unit is connected to the vehicle's A/C unit, every step of the A/C service is fully automated from the start to the end of the program. A complex vehicle database is integrated for precise vehicle identification. Carrying out refrigerant recovery and recycling, draining used oil, evacuating and conducting leak tests, filling with new oil and UV additive, and finally the precise operation of filling with refrigerant – the Bosch ACS 600/650 takes care of all this without the operator having to lift a finger. As well as servicing, the new A/C service units can be used to repair A/C units that are faulty or have suffered an accident. When developing the units, the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer were taken into consideration. That is why the ACS 600 and ACS 650 also feature a cleaning function, for example. Most manufacturers recommend that A/C units be serviced every two years, which should include cleaning the refrigerant and the oil, and carrying out a leak test. The new Bosch ACS 600 and ACS 650 A/C service units also breeze through this work automatically.

A further benefit for the workshop is the carefully-considered trolley design of the new A/C service units. All operating and control functions are situated at the front-a first for Bosch units-with the primary aim of improving access in what are often tight spaces. A status LED on top of the unit and acoustic signals provide continuous monitoring of the service status, and the large, 100-mm diameter pressure gauge ensures the HP/LP values can be read even from a distance.

The ACS 600's fully-automated service and repair functions are suitable for A/C units in most cars. The top-of-the range ACS 650 unit is equipped for use with A/C units of larger dimensions as well, with features such as a larger refrigerant bottle and a more powerful vacuum pump. There is also a built-in log printer as standard. For fast operation and setting, the new Bosch A/C service units are equipped with a 3.5 inch colour display.

Modern "automatic" A/C units are often fitted with a control unit. This means that, in addition to working on the A/C unit itself, the error memory and control unit data also need to be read. Bosch has a complete solution to offer workshops for this too. As well as the ACS 600 and 650 A/C servicing stations for mechanical work, the KTS series offers control unit diagnostic equipment for use in the workshop. Bosch supplies reference data and service schedules through its workshop software Esitronic.

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